Problem with chamfer toolpath (FUSION 360)

I am having a problem with chamfering a part I have cut. The toolpath and simulation looks to be correct, however the bit does not touch the part. I have tried everything I can think of.

The chamfer is in the drawing. Top edge of chamfer is selected, height is model top, bit size is correct 1/4" 90 degree, chamfer width 0, chamfer tip offset 0.1, chamfer clearance 0.

I have tried multiple times and settings. All other cuts were correct and just need to finish the part with a chamfer.

I am sure that I am missing something basic. Any tips?

Your chamfer width is zero, it’s giving you what you asked for. You need a value there to get a cut.

when the chamfer is modelled Fusion can’t generate a toolpath and recommends setting the value to 0.

I’ve not seen any good solutions for modeled chamfers. You’d think it would be the easiest way to tell fusion what you want. I just stopped modeling them based on everything I read and suggestions from others. Way easier to program without them currently, but I’d much prefer to include them in the model.


What is the width of the chamfer on your part? I believe the the offset must be greater than the width of the chamfer. I don’t model chamfers in my designs so I’m not sure if this helps. I do all my chamfers in the CAM operations.

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I agree. I don’t even put them in the drawing. I have had a similar problem also making threads in large bronze prop nuts.


I think that I will start over and not draw the chamfers as a start.

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I have had good luck using 2D Contour on the bottom edge if the model has the chamfers, or 2D Chamfer if I didn’t model them.

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I believe NYCNC has a great tutorial on this topic. I have no idea if it still valid for this build of fusion 360. They do it modeled and not modeled. I can see benefits to them both.


Attached are screenshots of a speed handle I made recently. I have modeled the chamfers that I wanted and successfully machined them using the following parameters using the 2D chamfer tool path. This is a 1/4" Diameter, 4 Flute chamfer tool with a .060" flat tip. The chamfer tip offset needs to be greater than the chamfer being cut. Feel free to message me if you need any further help with this.

Passes SC


I second this. I machine modeled chamfers regularly, just make sure the bottom contour of the chamfer is selected.