Problem cutting groups (Solved - torch cable not enough slack)

machine cuts fine when its just one part or a group going up and down. but when it moves to cut the next row to the right the torch touches then stays too high to cut. it keeps cutting and some will cut but mostly just messes up. any ideas if im doing something wrong? new to this and trying to figure it out. i ran the thc test and it comes back fine.

do you have enough slack in the torch cable or ihs wires? not enough slack will hold pressure on the torch.


it should but i wil double check

I picture of your table from about 3 feet away might let someone see any issues.

Does it move okay when you jog to the right? Any indication of binding or coupler slipping?

turned out to be not enough slack. I thought it was good, but as soon as i gave it more no problems. thanks for the easy fix.