Probe stylus tilt

My probe stylus is tilted by about .006, I completely pulled it apart and it looks like the threads it screws into aren’t perfectly plumb. I can adjust runout so the ball is perfectly centered to the spindle, but having tilt in the stylus seems not ideal to me, but I don’t know for sure if it’s a problem. The screws on the bottom don’t seem to adjust the tilt, is there a way to adjust that? Or is a few thou tilt not a problem if the ball is centered?

Tilt in the stylus is irrevelvant- only thing that matters is that the runout of the ruby is as low as possible.


Take it apart and cut the stainless washer that holds the wire to the proble itself. The washer is getting hung up in the spring. I cut off a flatspot on the washer so it doesn’t touch the spring. I also stretched the spring out just a little to give it more pressure.

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Thanks for the tip, I did check that, and langmuir had already cut my washer.

ok, good to hear, thanks.