Probe Stylus Question

This question is asked of Langmuir Systems, is the spindle probe stylus interchangeable with Renishaw stylus’ and will we be able to true up the stylus like you can on a Renishaw? Also, will there be a Calibration cycle in the Cut Control Software to calibrate the probe with a gauge ring? I know these may be considered not necessary, but I use probes at work, and I believe this to be needed for the best accuracy.

As always thoughts and opinions are welcomed.

Yes the probe stylus is interchangeable (m3 threads).

The probe body has four adjustment screws to true up the runout of the ruby tip.

While there wont be an autocalibration in the initial release of CC, you will be able to enter a deflection constant. As you know, some deflection occurs in the shank/probe between when the ruby first touches the part and when contact is broken inside of the probe. That deflection is around .001" but can be fine tuned by the end user. From there you can probe a feature of known size (such as a ring gage), and make corrections to the deflection constant as needed.

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Thanks for the update. Also will Langmuir be offering spare parts for the probe like the stylus and in different sizes. I like the 1 mm ruby for getting into tight spaces.