Probe and Tool Setter Issues

Have been having issues with the touch probe and tool setter. When doing the material probing we are getting the error “the probe or tool setter was open at the start of the command routine”. Also, when doing the tool touch off it seems like sporadically it will go up too much after doing the initial touch off and when it tries to come down it errors out with “the probe or tool setter was not triggered within the programmed travel limit. Both routines have been working for us and know have been really buggy

Responded on the Facebook support group but I will post here as well.

It’s looking like 2 separate issues. The first with your tool setter is that after the initial height sense the switch in the tool setter is staying open for a split second causing the tool to raise up unnecessarily high. Usually this is caused by the black waterproof rubber boot that sits around the platen. If it counteracts the internal spring pressure inside the tool setter it can stay open. I’d recommend removing this boot and putting it back on and cycle the tool setter by hand and just make sure it opens and latches properly as evidenced by the indicator light. For your probing issue, what I would recommend is locating the 3 slotted nuts on the bottom of the probe. Using a flat blade screw driver, loosing these 3 nuts. Then push the stylus from side to side to visually center the stylus in the center of the hole. Next, one by one very lightly snug the 3 nuts up until you meet a slight resistance in the threads without overtightening them. This should center the probe and remove any lash that could cause your issue. You can push and pull on the stylus tip and make sure that you don’t feel any lash by hand. You will need to readjust the stainless radial set screws in the probe to set the run out again but I would do a couple routines and make sure it’s working properly!

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