Pro water system reworked - again

Here’s my 4th revision at my Pro’s water handling. I think I have a workable solution.

This time I’m using a HF 15 gallon weed sprayer for tank with pump, ~$100.

Removed the spray handle and got a few PVC parts at HD. PVC threading differs than sprayer nozzle, just tighten it up, it was fine.

Underside plumbing also from HD.

Used a 12V 2.5A wall adapter and mounted an ON/OFF switch.

Filling a tank full of water results in Pro’s water pans 1/2" from top edge.

There’s an tank fill strainer and pump inlet strainer supplied with sprayer.

I’m not too concerned about debris ruining the pump. I’ll worry about that this on failure.

FYI, the pump is 1 gallon / min, so it takes a little while to fill my water pans. Not a big deal.