PRO, R45 and THC wiring!

I have the PRO+Razor45+THC.
I’ve got too many wires and have not seen a solid drawing for how these are to fit.

Here’s what a surmise:
The Langmuir control box has 2 pinned circular connectors on the top.
IHS goes to the R45
THC goes to the small black THC box on the side with one connection labeled “DIV Input”
The THC box has two connections on the side. One long and one short black cable connect to the R45.(I’m confident on that).
That leaves two connectors on the top, one RED and one Black. Am I to open the R45 and splice(or use a connector) to connect the RED to the TORCH+ and the BLACK to the TORCH-?

I’ve emailed Langmuir also to get assistance.
I’ve yet to cut anything!


Have you read through the THC installation on Langmuir support page? It should clear up most of your questions.


Go back and look at assembly, you have that hooked up completely wrong. There is clear pics of where everything attaches.

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You should only have 2 cables connected to the VIM(small black box). The cable from the plasma to the Div input and one from Div output to the THC connection on the control box. You don’t use the red and black banana plugs on the face of the box. Those are for raw voltage input. The torch on/off goes from the front of the plasma to the torch on/off port on the control box. The IHS cable goes from the wires on the Z axis to the IHS port on the control box. Any other wires are extra and aren’t used with the Razorweld.

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probably not…

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