Pro Marine Epoxy

I was looking to get the same type of epoxy Langmuir Systems has on their web site - Pro Marine. However I’m not finding it anywhere else for a reasonable price. A lot of Promise epoxy comes up. Does anyone know if Pro Marine got rebranded as Promise? automatically forwards to

Rebranding happened at some point

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Ah, ok. so I should be ok ordering the Promise epoxy then.

Yup, I used the Promise stuff, tinted it, worked like a charm. I had some extra untinted, did a table for the wife lol.

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What is everyone using for the color tint and other effects? I’ve seen some good looking pours with swirls and such but I’ve never done epoxy so that is new to me. is another option.

Totalboat 1:1 with TechaRooz Onyx Black @4%. 1.1 gal. total.

Worked well and very hard surface.
Amazon -Totalboat 2 gallon 1:1 kit for $120.00

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Hmmm, I assumed only 1 gallon was needed due to what Langmuir was offering on their site. Is everyone finding that you need more than that (or was your extra .1 gallons due to mods)?

It depends on how level you did your concrete. If its all nice and flat is will level out with no issues. If you have some low areas or its not level it will take more. The total boat product I used will self level and I’m not an expert at concrete. lol. propane tourch to remove the air bubbles.

I’ve used several TotalBoat products over the years. been happy with all of them. That being said I’ve never tried to mix TotalBoat and the ProMarine So I can speak directly to the OP’s question.

Well, I had already ordered a gallon’s worth of the Promise before holla2040 mentioned TotalBoat in the thread here so I guess I’m giving that a try. :man_shrugging:

My last question was more about the amount of epoxy needed regardless of brand, though. I was wondering if I need to get another half gallon worth to be safe.

If I were you, I’d make sure to either have extra, or be certain that a local store has it in stock just in case.

Ordered an extra half gallon. Hopefully 1.5 gallons will more than cover it. I asked the wife if there were any projects that she could use the rest for but probably not. Maybe I’ll find something to do with the rest then.

I needed an extra 1/2 gallon. Suppose you are using the supplied epoxy. If they do not have spare, I have an extra gallon if you need any. It has been pigmented Langmuir gray, though. Just let me know, and I will ship it to you.
Sorry, I just read you have already ordered the epoxy. Well, if any future MR1 guys need any, email me.