Primeweld Cut60

I’m trying to hook up the Cut 60 to my crossfire. If I’m using the torch that came with the Cut60 (IPT 60 I believe) how do I wire to pin 1 and 2 when I’m not using the CNC port in the back of the cut60? Do I have to open the cut 60 up and tap into the wires in the inside?

You need to solder the 2 wires inside the supplied small barrel cable connector (from Langmuir) to the 1 and 2 pins (doesn’t matter which one goes on which pin) of the blue/black waterproof connector supplied with the Cut60. Once the connector is plugged in at the CNC port, you can leave it that way for both handheld firing and CNC firing. Just remove the torch from the table and cut by the hand trigger.

I’ve recently gone from a Hypertherm 30XP to the Primeweld Cut60. The Hypertherm is a good unit but just not the output for good 1/4" cutting. I’m on 240V line for both cutters. The Primeweld does an excellent job, 1/4" cuts so easily, little to no dross on parts.

But make sure with the Primweld your USB cable has ferrite chokes on both ends of the cable and you may need to move the plasma cutter unit further away because of interference. Mach3 can stutter from the interference. My original USB cable from Langmuir only had a single ferrite choke. I dug through a box of older cables and found a double choke cable and issues went away.

Primeweld cut chart for amps, IPM and air pressure (set at the unit using the “set air” switch) all of that is quite accurate for outside cuts. Smaller inside cuts may need to be slowed down but that is normal for any cutter.

Why wouldn’t you want to use the CPC port? Pretty easy to solder the wires to it.

Wiring information for the Cut 60 can be found in this post:

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