Primeweld CUT60 Wiring

I looked on their website but they don’t have much on specs.

It says duel voltage, does it come wired? 110/220 or no plug or cord?

I’m quickly running out of space in my garage sub panel. I already have 220, 50A for stick and MIG and 220 30A for a heater. With only 2 slots left in my panel I would like to use one (or both) of my existing 220 plugs for the CUT60 and air compressor. What are the breaker requirements for the CUT60 with 220?

Also if I use it on 110 what thickness will it cut without issues. All my 110’s are true 20A 12ga.

It’s amazing how fast I used up all the slots in my panel.

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Since you have a spare slot, I’d dedicate one to the compressor, and share the welder one with your plasma. Don’t know what size compressor, but a 30amp 240v will handle most, but if you are running wire, I’d just pull 8ga and make it 50amp.

If you need to splice a new branch of an existing circuit - I used this splice so only one wire is on the breaker lug, and it splits out from there. I’m using 6ga which is overkill for 50a (8 ga is fine) but just because I had some left over from something else.

My only dual run exception is when compressor kicks in when plasma cutting - but both my compressor and my plasma specs combined make 48amps and I use a single 50a for both at same time.

I can’t find specs on the Cut60 (which is somewhat concerning - contact them - they should provide it -it’s probably in the user manual). But if it’s an inverter based (it is) plasma, you’re probably looking around 30amps AC @ 240v at max output.

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It auto detects voltage it has a 50 amp 240v plug with an adapter that you plug in to reduce it to the standard 120v plug.

I haven’t cut any more than test cuts but I cut .1875 plate about 4 inches long on the 120 volt setting with the straight line feature with nice results.

I also second the idea of using your 50amp welding circuit to feed the plasma and use the remaining circuit for a dedicated air compressor. It would be much easier to not weld and cut at the same time than make sure your compressor doesn’t kick on mid cut.

Also if space is the only issue look Into tandem circuit breakers and quad breakers if you haven’t already

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Anything you need to know about the Primeweld Cut 60. You can call Primeweld or contact me.

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I have the prime will 60 as well very happy with it it works on dual voltage of course 220 is much better it works fine on 110 just don’t cut 1-inch with it it won’t work you can cut one inch with the 60 I did it . I think it cuts real nice you can call primeweld as well they answer the phone live and they talked to the guy Mike he’s great

Primewell does say 50 amp I’m running my I guess 30 or 40 apps it’s working when I cut one inch the cord got little hot at 60 amps that was the only time I’m using a harbor freight 9000 generator

nevermind, got it