Primeweld Cut60 Machine torch

Looking at machine torches for my Primeweld Cut 60 and came across these two:

  1. PTM-60
  2. PTM80
    Neither looks like the PTM60 I’ve seen on here, they do look like they use the same connector and consumables though, if that’s the case would there be any reason not to go with either of them?
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I just bought a machine torch from mechanic416(George) on this website. Info in this post…

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Those are Chinese aftermarket torch’s.The"REAL" made in Italy PTM60 CNC torch’s will be here in about three weeks.


@mechanic416 can one preorder?

Yes, just send me a email. I will put you on the list.

Perfect, emailed you. right?

Yes, that’s it.

Should be coming in stock and available any day now? I’m guessing I’ll need a variety pack consumable kit too.

@mechanic416 still waiting on the restock of torches?

I am still waiting on the CNC torch’s. Last email I got was Tecmo was running at 50%, so my guess would be it still may take some time to get them. As soon as I know they are on the way I will email everyone on the list to make sure they still want one.

Just got word the PTM 60 CNC torchs will be in by the end of the month. Still selling them for $325 + $29 shipping.

Emails have been sent to everyone on the list. So far a few have canceled.

Contact me if you are looking for a PTM 60 torch I may have a few left over from this order.

Thanks :kiss: I be interested I have a primeweld 60 looking to see about a good machine torch maybe it uses the same consumables as the one that came with my machine which I think is a pretty decent one

The PTM 60 CNC torch will use the same consumables as the PT/IPT 60 torch.

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Thanks big help

hello, i am new to cnc and still have not got my table but i had a question. What are the advantages in machine torch instead of the regular torch

Overall I think it just fits better and more secure in a CNC application. Especially if you have a z-axis. I never did like the way a hand torch was clamped (by the ceramic cup) as supplied by the OEM. With my torch and mount, it’s really easy to do maintenance on the consumables without removing the torch.


@Cletus is right. The machine torch is more stable in a CNC application. It’s easier to square up to the table. You also don’t need to take it out of the mount to replace consumables so once it’s squared up, it will stay squared up.

In addition to the chance of deforming the end of the torch if you use a hand torch (which will sometimes result in issues with cutting as you mess with the air swirl or the ability of the tip to spring forward/back, you also have the weight of the torch and then the cable pulling on the end of the torch and making it tilt. You’ll also have issues with it loosening the cup/nozzle as it travels around the table if it’s not tightened precisely correctly (but not overtightened - see the deforming the cup issue).

It’s certainly doable to use a hand torch but it’s preferable to use a machine torch.

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thank you guys. i appreciate it. i will definataly have to save up for one. cant wait to get my table to try this out. im a welder fitter by trade so im hoping this helps make some money.