Primeweld Cut60 Check THIS if you are having issues!

Hey y’all, I have had my CF Pro table and cut60 set up for a month now. I was having non stop issues with dross, bevel and junk cut quality. I checked EVERYTHING and nothing helped till I stumbled upon the torch o ring. Back story, with the junk cut quality I decided to upgrade to the x45 machine torch. That didn’t help so I went to put the hand torch back on for more testing and found the o ring was jammed in the torch lead tube! So the hand torch had a major blockage, and the machine torch had a massive leak! After seating the o ring, my cut quality is perfect! Just one more thing to check if you are having issues!!


I have seen this a few times on other plasma cutters as well… If you do not seat the torch all the way in the air pushes the oring out of its seat.

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Mine was completely seated, and it did it twice!!

I wonder if the copper tube is a bit short?

Can you add a picture of the o-ring in the correct position? I just checked my hand and machine torch and there is no o-ring. I looked in the receiving parts and saw no o-ring.

The o-ring is in the connector of the plasma cutter. The large copper terminal push’s up against it to seal.


Thank you. I tried to shine back in there but could not see it. I’ll try again tomorrow with a brighter light.

If you do not have a air leak at the connector then its there.