Primeweld cut 60

Is anyone using the Primeweld Cut 60 plasma cutter with their Pro Table?

i’m using it on the original CF, haven’t set up my Pro yet.

I am using the Primeweld Cut 60 on my Pro table and I think I am having the same issue you are having with the THC. The cut will start and go about 2" before loosing Arch Voltage. My setup has been working beautifully for a couple of weeks and this issue just started today.

Are you using divided voltage or raw voltage?

I am using divided voltage.

I just started installing the THC and I’m using the Primeweld Cut 60. I can’t figure out how to wire the VIM into the CNC port in the back of the machine. Would anyone be willing to give me guidance on how to do this? this is the adapter that came with the cutter but I can’t figure out how to attach the wires to pin 4 & 6. Thanks for your help! Gary

@gcjuby If that’s the back side of the plug, you’ll need to solder your two wires into their individual terminals.

thanks l_cohen03. That is the back of the plug. TBH i was hoping for an easier solution but I agree with your response.

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That pin adapter unscrews and ends up in three pieces and you attach them to the back. I’ll try a pic in a bit

: should have read more carefully… sorry. Yes o soldered mine on.

Thanks for your response and the pic. It makes sense. Gary