Primeweld Cut 60. More table friendly

Yeah it’s weird for sure.

I have no idea I was wondering why they just don’t use the physical day instead of the month and day but I think you have it right mine seems to be the only anomaly.

we had a previous thread with reference to a “24 day month” I guess we have to makeup the extra days somewhere why not have a thread with a 50 day month? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

Weak attempt at humor… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I hope we got a few more serial numbers around your number so I can see what’s going on.

July 50th lol

25’ PTM60 machine torch

I am using the supplied IPT 60 torch and cable.

This thread is pretty interesting to me. I have a Cut 60 that will be paired with my incoming cf Pro and have been watching this information like a hawk so that I take the most reliable path possible. Heres my cutter for the chart. It’s neat to see the evolution of design.


Thank you for the information

RAW voltage is the path for your machine :+1:t2:

also looks like your machine was produced on the same run as @Cletus


I am going to label that in red. It has to be a mistake at the factory. I am sure its July 5… Hopefully we get some more serial numbers near your sto help solve this puzzle.

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I’m running the PTM60 torch also.

My serial number is: 32007140138. Purchased, 9-5-2020.
My CNC port is on lower right, looking at the back.
PTM60 Torch also.


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Can I pick up the Raw voltage from the CNC pin-outs or do I gotta pop open the machine and pick it up from there?

Yes here is the page with the CNC Pinout

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Use the cnc port for the trigger. But I would pickup the raw voltage from inside the plasma cutter for best results.

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i would agree with @mechanic416. Dustin from primeweld had asked me to create a step by step instruction sheet for him in case anyone was going that route. see below.

PrimeWeld Raw Voltage Cable Installation.pdf (2.3 MB)


raw voltage hook up…seems no rhyme or reason concerning location

I pulled it from the plug and it seems to work with out issue. The protection resisters lower the voltage but the THC does not seem to care. I run the trigger and raw voltage through a 4 wire 25 foot lead and there are no issues to report.

purchased my cut60 on 8/28/2020 serial # 32007140105 I use the Div the only issue I have had when I first got my table using the hand torch I would get an error but it was the THC giving the error and to fix it I would jog the z axis up and down a couple times before cutting but since I have gotten the ptm60 machine torch I have had no problems with the cutter and the table. But Fusion 360 freezes on me all the time when sketching.

Only recently received my Crossfire table and got it up and running. I already had a Primeweld CUT60 (purchased Nov. 2020), but also ended up ordering a Razorweld Razorcut 45 with my table since I was concerned about the compatibility issues. However, I have not had any issues so far with my CUT60 (only done a few cuts with it hooked up to the Crossfire, but hoping to get a bunch more time in over the next two weekends). The serial number on my machine is 32009420353. I’m posting this as I had read through the thread and @72Pony had a serial number with 50 where the day is expected and mine has a 42 there so maybe not an anomaly since our machines are from different years. My CUT60 has the CNC port on the lower right when looking at it from the back and I just use that for torch firing. Wired up to raw voltage for the THC. Now I have the Razorcut 45 as a spare (not a bad thing though).

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I can report (it’s early yet) no problems really yet. Divided voltage on CNC port.

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I bought my cut60 summer of 2021 the cnc port is at the bottom right my question is has anyone tried it with the XR yet? Cause i just got my XR up and running all thats left is hooking up the cut60
What is my best rout raw voltage thru the port or in the machine or will divided voltage port work on XR
If anyone has used the cut60 with the XR or has any good info please share with me.
Thank you

It really don’t matter what table you have. I would go with raw right from the plasma cutter, not the cnc port.

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as mechanic mentioned, RAW from inside the cutter. i have step by step instructions with pics if ya need it.