Price jump for the Crossfire Pro

Looks like there’s been a price increase on the Pro. Those of you on the fence about purchasing one are missing out. I’m assuming the price increase is because of demand? Unless someone has another explanation for it.

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Might just be the “tiered” price. Remember preorders?

The orders were broken down into 3 batches. 1st batch (pre-order) was $1000. discount. Batch 2 was $500. discount and 3rd batch is normal price with no discount but still a good deal.

Yeah I was one of those on the fence, made my decision on Thursday at the lower price, after planning my purchase for over a year, and it jumped up by Sunday when I went to place my order. Needless to say, very frustrating and made me reconsider. Contacted support and they gave the explanation that it is due to material cost increases, which I fully understand but it’s very disappointing to suddenly have to pay a few hundred bucks more than just a couple days ago… I haven’t purchased yet, back on the fence now. Left a bad taste in my mouth, as the response from customer service had a ‘tough s***’ tone to it…

Wait till you buy steel one day for a certain price then go back the next day for the same piece of steel and pay 2 or 3 times the price.


Yup, Steel is like gas. Still a good deal on the table.

Yeah I hear that. I haven’t seen 2-3 times the price yet but I’ve seen 1.5x day to day! Yeouch… I thought 2018 was bad.

My steel cost for plate and all the different tubing I use has at least doubled probably a bit more. Its hard to make sense of it cause its so random some stuff has stayed the same while others have tripled. Good news though the last couple weeks it does seem to be creeping down slowly again in my area anyway.

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Anything made with metal these days is going up in price. My JDSquared MAD table i ordered went up $1000+ on there site on the 15th due to steel prices. Luckly i got the lower price.

Just curious why did you go with them?

I understand the frustration…but a price increase…is a price increase…
It is like going to the gas station and asking for the lower price yesterday…too bad…
everyone has to draw a line in the sand for a time to do it…

unfortunately that is what happens when you wait.

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I actually called a number of people and got their input for the table and they couldn’t say enough good things about it. One of the major people I talk to was Michael Furick And if you are a Tig welder you know who he is. He said it was an awesome table. It is built like a tank. I looked at a bunch of other tables but this seemed to be the best one. I looked at avid CNC, maverick CNC, and Arclight CNC.


True, but the banners on the website send a different message, that it’s discounted while on backorder, orders today ship in June, leads you to believe you have a little more time before the price goes up and they come out of ‘backorder’ status. Just sucks to miss it by a couple days due to family commitments, and without any warning, and then be told ‘Oh well, too bad!’ Doesn’t really send the message that every customer is important, and maybe that’s the truth, that every customer isn’t important, but that isn’t how I run my business. If it was a week or a month later it would be understandable, but sometimes you gotta bend the rules to make friends, in my opinion.

BEND THE RULES??? If you bend for one then you have to bend for all! Where does it stop? It stops when it is said it stops. The Dead Line. I understand the frustration, BUT, A year is a long time. A couple of weeks or a month is a long time to think about it.
Have you ever driven past a gas station thinking the next one will be cheaper? Well it wasn’t! so I turned around and by the time I got back to the first one the gas had gone up in price and was $0.04 more than the other… It sucks! Sorry, but the Pro is a darn good machine for the price. I got the $500.00 discount because I waited too long too!
Steel in my area jumped about $25.00 per 4x8 sheet in one week…


I was fortunate enough to be in the position to get the $500. I was looking at the table during the first batch ($1,000 off) but missed it due to timing and funds. Yea it sucks you missed the deadline but either way the machine is at a great price point for what you’re getting. If you’re unhappy with the customer support “feeling” then see what the other companies vibes put off. My opinion is if there is still a back order waiting list in batch 3, then the sales must still be rolling in. They probably don’t need to bend the rules for you. Seems like they’re on here with support helping people who are having problems with their machine. Hate you’re feeling like they don’t care. Good luck with you’re future cnc endeavors.


I have no idea what you mean by this?
can you clipart and example of this “different message”

what I see is if you place your order and pay for it you save $$$…but you need to realize you are on backorder…

Well, it is tough s*** haha, and if you wait longer you will lose another $250 discount. It pretty clearly says limited time discount and sets no expectation of when it will expire.


I too was on the fence for quit a while for a table. Originally was looking at an Arclight table, but the cost and the cost of shipping was a bit steep for a hobby hack such as myself. Came across the Crossfire and realized it was perfect for my needs, wants and desire’s. I fell in love and now 3 months later I get my final box today. I’m all tingly and about to loose it, can’t wait to assemble and play. Either way wether you got in at the bigger savings or even if you end up paying full price, compared to whats on the market I don’t think you can beat it. I’ve cruised every forum and site related to cnc tables and the one common denominator I’ve seen, they all have the same ass kissers and haters. The world is the same no matter where you go or shop. Its up to you to make the best of your experience.

Printing a dimple die for the water pan drain.


From a marketing perspective, this was a missed opportunity. Langmuir could have sent out an email warning of the coming price increase. This would have “forced” a lot of people off the fence and would have likely resulted in a lot of new purchases. Further, no one could complain later since they were warned of the coming price increase. In circumstances like this, turn a problem into an opportunity. I’m not complaining about the increase…I’m just saying it could have been handled much better from a marketing perspective.

first let me welcome you to the forum…we always try to be helpful and see that everyone enjoys their experience with the Langmuir tables…I know I have obver the last year+

my question is who would they send the email to?
forum members?
the world?
how would they determine who gets an email?