Pre order pro mach3 refund

has anyone that pre ordered mach3 been refunded yet?

I emailed them last week and they put it through very quickly. I think they are having to hand process every refund.

I did today… i ordered in the first ten minutes of the preorder

Got mine today, a little Thanksgiving gift.

I ordered within the first minute of the preorder. I got refunded a few days ago through Paypal but it said it was processing. Finally got an email today that it cleared. I logged in to send to my bank account and it doesn’t show. Called Paypal and since I used a credit card it says it will take up to 30 more days to show on my credit card…

No I haven,t received my Mach 3 refund yet. It seems that a lot of you have received your refund so just thought I might just let you know.

Try contacting them via Email, I did about 2 weeks ago and withing a few days I had a refund.