Practice on new chamfer setup

Dialing in new Lakeshore carbide chamfer tooling. So far so good on tool setup in Fusion.

Also upgraded all of my computers to windows 11 this morning. Talk about a pucker factor… All working well on MR1 and Crossfire Pro. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Making me envious with all these photos of your machine working. Awesome stuff.

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Thanks enjoying myself throughly. Next level
Fusion education required. Slow but sure.

I’ve had some good engraving results myself. The engrave function in F360 does nice work as long as you tune the depth correctly.


Dialing in the depth is definitely a learning curve. :ok_hand:
Small engraving looks great.

What degree and size chamfer are you using? 60, 82?

90 degree today. 60 works real good with fine line text. I only use 82 degree for bolt heads right now. I’m going to try it though.
I want to dial in these tools because when you spend an hour making a part and Fusion decides to plow the engraver .080 into you the project. Been there done that!!!

Guess i better get some then…:slight_smile:

Make sure you run the g-code simulations in Fusion and pay attention to what it’s gonna do to the stock. I find its pretty close to reality.

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I did that today after watching YouTube video this morning. It does work well. NYC CNC VIDEOS are awesome. Some of them are older
But, the menus in Fusion are all that has really changed.


Looks really good. So cool what you can make on this machine.

When I was starting out I’d always slow the feed down to like 10% when approaching in z the first time so I could stop it and make sure the distance to go wasn’t wrong. Atleast until I was confident in my tool setter and probe were 100%