Powermax1000 voltage divider

I have a Powermax 1000 with cpc but it does not have the pins for dividing the voltage. Does anyone else have an older hypertherm and know how to get a divided voltage?


You can tap into the raw voltage instead. Your machine has a strain relief already in place (see 11) to pass the wires through.

See page 3-12 of the operator’s manual to see where to tap into the raw voltage:

READ the warnings on LS-THC User Guide | Langmuir Systems raw voltage then follow the instructions for connecting the VIM to it further down.

There is a 3rd party voltage divider you can buy but it is meant for another system, and I have no idea if they will sell it without buying there CNC controller. So I would go the raw voltage route and just be aware of what you are doing.

Thanks a lot. Wasn’t sure if raw voltage would work. Thank you.