Hey everyone just wanted to ask to see what happens to be the best powder coater for the money, designing art, signs that sort of thing and wondering what most people are using?

Columbia coatings has some amazing machines. What kind of coin do you look to spend?

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Not looking to blow a ton but want something that does a good job and will last dont need the most expensive but dont need to settle for the cheapest either. I want a nice product when im done.

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i have the hypersmooth led3. i really like it. had it a little over a year i have shot about 50 lb through it.

you have a bake oven also i take it. thanks for the info ill look into it

im going to ask this also i have been told to use outside offset for most of my cuts… however i have noticed using inside offset on letters doent leave much of the blow hole…lol but on some i do with letters it wont even say it can cut it with other images included like a deer or dog so i have to use outside but then leaves more of the pierce marks and i am using lead in at .07 any suggestions thanks

Yup sure do try to use leads double your kerf.

Out side on outside cuts inside on inside cuts

Post picture and the rest of your setting we may can help fine tune

How do you do that seperate layers some how?

What program do you use for cam?

I will definitely try to get a picture on probably won’t be til next weekend now I will see, I have sheetcam

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If you have the reverse cut box marked. Sheetcam is very good at doing that for you. you may just need to adjust your leads.

If you have trouble with one in particular we could look at settings.

Ok I will make sure that box is marked thanks

As far as adjust my leads you mean lead in? I have been trying .07 -.08 is what I’ve been told to try to run it at so where would I go next .10 or the otherway

I didnt have the reverse cut box checked so hope that helps thanks

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I try to do at least double my kerf. I also do a lead out you can get a divot sometime when plasma shuts off.

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Ok so try .12 that should be double and I have the lead out at .02 increase that?

Worth a try I do the same on both. If you cut thicker material you need to increase the lead length

Ok Thanks for all the info appreciate it!!

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The more you spend the better you get. Redline makes a decent cup gun if that’s what your looking for. Lots of guys use these as back up guns or when they have something small to spray.

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Thanks I’ll look into those also