Potential MR-1 Mods & Cut Control

I’m already thinking of some easy modifications for my MR-1.

  1. raise the gantry about 6”
  2. add an atc spindle
  3. add about 5 tool pockets

I’m just wondering how configureable Cut Control is. Will it support changes like this?

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Good questions, especially the tool changer.

If you raised the gantry, how would you reinforce the spindle? (or not?)

It’s hard to say without having the mill in my garage but for one, that ball screw on the topgantry is getting moved to the back side (added benefit of keeping chips off it). Then the depth of the gantry is getting reinforced by adding a member to the top. Probably I’ll completely build a new x axis from scratch…with a bigger servo driving a ball screw. The z axis is super slow currently. I’d like to increase speed and make the travel almost double.

I’ve been waiting to see how its built to see if there is a way to lower the bed and still maintain the ridged gantry. and or having a removable bed surface that keeps it at factory height but can be removed to increase clearance. front of enclosure would also need to be modified for acess

Removable bed is an interesting idea. If you raise the y axis with a couple of spacer blocks it shouldn’t affect rigidity too much.

I’m also curious to learn more about Cut Control. One of my prospects is replacing it with LinuxCNC (which I have a lot of experience with). This would also likely require replacing the front end control on the driver box with a Mesa board. It would be great to learn more about the hardware that the system is shipping with.

I’m not that hopeful about doing an ATC – at least with the stock spindle. ER collects don’t use drawbars.