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I am having trouble getting cut control to recognize programs i post to google drive. I have selecting different machines but nothing works. I did see one person on here that had the mr1 listed as the machine when posting. I dont have that option as the mr1 does not show up in the library. How do i get mr1 in the machines library?

You using fusion360 for cam?

You get the post processor from Langmuirs website. Download it to your fusion account via Langmuirs instructions on their website.
Google drive will only get what you post via Fusion. The file will be only readable with a G code reading program like CutControl.

CutControl Post Processors

Langmuir Systems offers free CutControl Post Processors for Autodesk Fusion 360 as well as MasterCAM and SolidWorks. Find the latest versions of these posts below.

  • Fusion 360 Post (v1.0)
    • Posted programs can contain only a single tool.Several operations using a single tool in the same program are ok.
    • If you are using more than 1 tool for your part, you will need to post separate programs and run them sequentially.

That worked! Thank you for the help. Much appreciated. This kinda stuff makes me wish i would have went to college but im learning slowly. Time to make stuff and things!

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Welcome to ‘Real Life University’ !

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Let the chips fly…

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