Post processor issue on holes with perpendicular lead in - SOLVED

When I set holes to cut with a perpendicular lead in the table only cuts the lead in line and then moves on. I am experiencing this using sheetcam. Sheetcam is showing the path to cut the hole.
This is only a problem with perpendicular lead in on holes too. Perpendicular lead in on straight cuts works fine. Also, my holes will cut with all other lead ins options (arc, tangent and none).

Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @clemsontravis we are looking into your issue and will report back soon. Stay tuned!

Are you posting with the latest SheetCAM post? (v1.4)

There was an issue a few others were experiencing regarding holes with SheetCAM where holes that begin and end on the same XY coordinate and the controller will skip the hole. The new SheetCAM post splits the hole into 4 quadrants and doesn’t allow this behavior.

Hmmm. I am not sure. I will check the version I have and report back. I may have missed an updated software. Thanks guys.

The V1.4 fixed my issue here. Thanks guys.

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@clemsontravis glad to hear it thank you for reporting back!

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