Post Processor for FreeCad?

@langmuir-daniel @langmuir-jake and others, is there a plan for FreeCad post processor? I keep seeing that Fusion360 is starting to loose all its bells slowly for pure hobbyists and FreeCad is an amazing open source software that keeps developing overtime and has an already interesting Cam module with no restrictions.

If someone more advance can chime in and suggest a simple way to create a post for it, that would help the community, unless Langmuir is already planning a post for it. FreeCad has already a GRBL post, but would love to understand the differences with the Mr1 modified GRBL.

Chances are a generic PP would work fine. The MR1 registers all the basic movement codes, so you just have to make sure canned cycles are used. I’m not very familiar with FreeCAD, so I’m not sure if that is an option in their cycles.
Just be sure not to post multiple tools at the same time. As of right now that function is still not supported by Cut Control.

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I bet this will do it.

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