Post processer for the mr-1

has anyone used anything like Alibre cad/cam on their MR1 to post process .
i would like to use something if possible that is not cloud based that you can just buy once
and not have to redo subscriptions? MAYBE SOMEONE AT LANGMUIR CAN CHIME IN.
or can a custom post process be written that is not for fusion, mastercam, or solidworks

You will have to reach out to whoever does your CAM, the post processor language is unique to the CAM software developer and not always available to everyone. Most CAM software do provide guides and assistant software to make your own post processor but not all of them.

If your CAM has a support forum that would be the best place to start.

@Dre The problem with that is that no one has written a comprehensive manual on what G-Codes are supported by CutControl. They did recently publish their fork of the grbl source code, so someone could go write the documentation if they were motivated.

Some CAM’s won’t ever work with CutControl because they require canned cycles that CutControl doesn’t support. CamBam is a “simple” (and cheap) 2.5D CAD/CAM package that I like for fast jobs, but which didn’t work with CutControl because it’s code generator always depends on canned cycles.

for the one with problems with post processor you can use VS code software to edit the post processor you can use a processor a generic also

why you don;t try master cam ? is very flex and pro like you set solidworks 2013 and master canx5 makes perfect work flow and you will need to set it up once and forever is what I use

Supported M & G-Codes here:
** MR-1 Working (and not) G and M code list ** - MR-1 - Langmuir Systems Forum