Post Process Problems and Issues

Has anybody else run across this problem when starting the post process procedure in 360? I have never seen this window before and the “normal” window where you can add the pierce delay, springback, etc etc is not showing up. What have I done wrong? Thank you.

Start with this form topic.

It looks like it is not looking for your post processor information in the right place anymore.

You will need to direct fusion to the file where your post processor information is located .

I’ve spent 3 hours trying to figure out what has happened. It was fine the way it was but some asshole had to make it better as usual. Now its jacked up. Im not computer wiz so I need some help. Any help would be great

I assumed fusion had all of that incorporated. What exactly am I looking for as far as post processor? Wonder if I can remove the update

You do not want to remove the update.

You will have to redirect fusion 360 to your post information.

The last update caused fusion 360 to stop looking at folders it was targeted to and startedlooking back at default folders.

And pasted my post information into the default folder to begin with so the update did not cause me any issues.

The forum topic posted above shows where that default folder location is in one of the pictures.

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Ok thanks. Ill go through it again but I didnt see fire control in mine. I did find where it looks like fusion has done something new with Microsoft and new user agreements. Maybe its ways been there. I was so aggravated yesterday I couldn’t think. Thanks again

This question is coming up enough after this update I may make it quick walk through video after work today.

I know exactly the feeling when I start getting frustrated and just can’t think anymore.

If you start by doing a fresh download of the 1.6 fire control post processor at least you’ll know that it’s in your download folder to find it.

Don’t point fusion to find it in the download folder.

Move or copy this file to fusions post file location.

And then if we ever have an update in the future when it goes back to looking for default information your information will be in the correct place.

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I found that you can go to preferences, click on preview features. Next go down to manufacturing. In manufacturing towards the bottom check mark the box that says Post Process NC code with Legacy post processing dialog. Boom! Good ole days

Excellent. I’ll try that. Thank you for the replies!

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Thank you for your help. Love the old days…

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Installing fusion 360 post processor