Fusion360 G-code won't save

Any idea what this means?
Is it a driver?
Trying to save the gcode/nc file but I keep getting this error.
It might be a directory issue because I just bought this laptop used and have been changing the user names yada yada and that ‘mosomos_dragon’ I don’t think exists anymore. But for some reason it’s going down that directory. But I’ve restarted and it should all be good. No idea.
I’ll keep poking around.

On top of that. FireControl crashes every few minutes but that is for another time.

You do not have your post processor correctly installed.

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Awesome. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I’m on a Mac and it seems to be a little different. Dug around looking for those directories but don’t see them. Not sure why this worked with no issue on my other computer. I’ll get it sorted. Thanks again

Got it sorted. Thanks for that!

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