Post process problem, sheet cam

Totally new. I am trying to add the post pros. to sheet cam, copied and pasted to the sheet cam post file, it shows up but get this message . Not sure of meaning, I have looked for errors in drawing (ink scape) but pretty simple so saw none. Just using this basic piece try different settings. I am just trying to practice and am not connected to machine, is that ok??

You have to select the post processor from the menu in sheetcam. There will be a big list of preloaded ones, the firecontrol post will be there if you installed it correctly.

it shows it there, but every file (even the ones on file share) I try gives me this message, very frustrated

Post a screenshot of that selection screen. Something is not right. Should look like this.

got it, actually read the LS instructions this time! Setting up torch trigger tonight, then cutting in morning!