Post process issue

I have downloaded the latest version of the post processor FireControl-ver 1.6(8) into the post folder of Sheetcam as well it shows up under Machine tap and Posts.

Can someone advise what I am doing incorrect please?

Your post processor is wrong, select the fire control v1.6.

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Ok downloaded clean version v1.6 to post folder. resaved the job. same issue.

What job? Do you have a tool selected for material you are cutting set up in sheet cam?

did you actually post process the design with the proper toolset parameters?

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Yes tools is set. same issue

I understand there are issues with design but not concerned about that yet

post the gcode file or lines on here.

Doesn’t look like there is a operation selected

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Please advise how to find the actual g code

yes i see that now also. @lslane, on the bottom left corner, there you should be something under operation. for some reason it’s not populated after you post processed. Actually, something should be there before even PP.


you need to set up an operation before you PP. if you go to OPERATION on the top toolbar, click on plasma them set some parameters in there, it’ll add an operation to lower left box.

if this is all new to you, i would recommend going over some YT videos from ARCLIGHT DYMANICS. they show the basics on setting sheetcam up for plasma.


Ok after adding “operation” the drawing had to many errors. so opened a one simpliar. at least thought it was. now this error. still using v1.6 just verified that also.

btw thanks for the help

you didn’t add the layer in the plasma operation. there’s a drop down box.

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Awesome! Just ran the dry run!!! But THC didn’t look close enough. only was 1" away.

dry run does not lower or raise the torch…
it only follows the path…

if this is your first cut ever I would highly suggest that you start with a small project like the F-Bomb bottle opener. (available from the Fireshare section of the website)
it is only a few inches and is a lot less waste than the one you are going to cut…