Post process isaue

I’m not , it’s just giving the error warning stating I’m using Mach 3 which I’m not . It’s suggesting i use the correct post processor which I am , trying to figure out the issue is all.

Can you post the first 20 lines of this code that just failed.

Are you having to manually select your post processor every time before you post?

You should be able to click on the up arrow button at the top of the reply box and a file navigator window will open. Then you select the folder where your file is saved, on the left side, and then select the file you want to upload.

Finding a file in Firecontrol works in much the same way. Click on the green up arrow next the the “load program” field. That will open a file explorer window and you can select the folder that your file is saved in, then select the file.

Yes sir that’s what it seems like

Yes but I can’t find it when I go looking … I can find it when out or firecontrol no problem

BOTTLE OPENER 1 v4 123.f3d (106.4 KB)

1st drawing ever done and 1st attempt to cut ever. im sure something is off just not sure what.

That’s an f3d file. I’m sure one of the fusion users can use that to help you find the problem, but that’s not a cut file that Firecontrol can use.

If you can upload the .NC file, I can look at that.

The Firecontrol file viewer will only show g code files. Any folders that don’t contain g code files will appear empty.

Just to share another angle to this conversation…

Yesterday, I was trying to set up a second computer with Fusion 360 (the one that runs my table and FireControl.) The Post-Processor is not holding in Fusion 360 when I select it. Not sure what is going on. I must have picked v1.6 from my download folder, 10 times. Restarted several times. It is now holding as of the last three tries.

All I can say to @neb is to keep trying and keep checking to be sure that Firecontrol v1.6 is still in the post processor box during that g-code processing screen.

Edit: I opened the “Bottle Opener” f3d file and it is sanitized by my post processor. No way to tell how the g-code would compare to the one produced by your set-up. Really need the actual .nc file that @ds690 is seeking.

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then thats possibly the problem ,im trying to get it to recognize that file . anyway to help steer me in the right direction? thanks for ya help and patience

not sure what ya mean “sanitized”…but yea the post processor kept disappearing from the box…so posssibly have several things taking place.

Sorry :grimacing: What I mean is that your computer will produce a different g-code file than mine based on what “post processor” is selected. If I try to re-create a g-code on my computer, it will only produce a g-code based on the post processor I have selected and will lose all fingerprints of anything specific to your problem. I have 100% confidence that I will produce a workable g-code, even with your f3d file. Even though you are not able to prodce a workable g-code.

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ok,makes sense .so im doing drawings on my laptop then sending to plasma computer via google drive …would this action change the gcode per computer? i cant sit out in a shop in south La creating drawings on the plasma computer…gotta be an easy way to do this.

how do i find the nc file?..apparetly im lost here.

Nope. That g-code file is a simple text file. Nothing special about it. What Tin and David are looking for is primarily the top heading of the g-code to see if it was produced according to the proper processor. No way that file would get corrupted. Most of us send our files to the machine by stick, wifi or email.


I’m not a Fusion user, so I don’t know the exact process. If you post process the file correctly, the file that is output will be a .nc file.

This is where you are currently saving them. You can change that to any location on your computer.

I’ll go look at it and record it. give me few minutes and @neb will be doing some cutting.


Watch video and see what you have different than mine. To me it looks like you’re missing your machine in setup. I also added how I would cut that simple part. Hopefully this gets you back to cutting.


that was the issue. didnt have the macine in correctly ,but the entire video helped so hope its left up as ill probably need ti refer back to it later.

i located the file easy, it loaded up without a hitch and fired up immediately . thanks to everyone for the help.


I have few other helpful videos on fusion that might be helpful also…

This is just one of them to watch

Glad your back cutting.

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