Possible “cold feet”

First time poster, long time forum follower.

I purchased the Pro two months ago and should be receiving some time in April. The closer it gets to April the more anxious I’m getting and I feel I’m starting to get “cold feet”

Seeing the issues some are having has me discouraged. I know everything that is relatively new is going to have growing pains but I fear this would discourage me and I would give up. I have limited time home as it is with work and I don’t want to spend days fixing/troubleshooting.

Those of you that have had issues, would you buy the table again?

Do you have buyer’s remorse?

How is the customer service with issues?

Lastly, I know the price is perfect for a “hobby” machine and why I purchased but I don’t mind spending another $1,000-$2,000 on a table that’s going to be issue free.

Thanks for you feedback, I really want this table to work.

Hey there. I just ordered one about 30 minutes ago so I am going to follow this post to make sure I made the right decision as well. I hope so as I am really looking forward to having a CNC table.

I think the biggest hurdle for most is learning all of the software, which would be the same on any CNC plasma table. I have the standard crossfire which does not have a torch height controller, the pro does.

Two things I am working on changing with my machine. I am going to add a torch height controller with a Z axis. And I ordered a machine torch, so I will need to machine a new torch holder as well.


That’s a good point!

Are the issues with hardware? Or operator error?

This should help :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking at that file quite a bit, I’ve been trying to find a THC that ships from the states so I don’t have to wait a month to get it.

I would say most issues that people have are operator error, the machine its self works great. The only issues I have had have been height related, and forgetting to attatch the grounding clamp.

If this is your first time running a CNC, there will be a learning curve.

If you haven’t used any cad software, or even vector design software this will be another learning curve.

And if you have not used CAM software before, this will take time to learn and understand everything.


I do this so much when I’m in a hurry!!! Ugh!!!

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I forgot it last weekend after I changed out the plumbing of my drain/fill lines. I haven’t had issues using the drain as my ground, so I still clamp to that.

These machines are very well built and are backed up with support unlike anything I have ever bought.
You will find post in here of people having problems and complaining but that is with anything sold out there. Some guys just don’t catch on and get frustrated mostly with the software. Remember, there are hundreds of machines out there (maybe thousands). I never thought at mid 50’s I would be learning cam/cad but I did it, skill I will always have. I was never a computer person. If your patient, open and bold enough to ask for help in here you will do just fine, the product is rock solid so the rest is up to you.


I bought the 1st Langmuir table with no previous experience in CAD or CNC at all… I had a Plasma cutter but knew my hand skills sucked, it’s a hobby not my day job. That being said, holy crap it’s been one of my all time favorite tools ever. There’s a learning curve for sure on the software and settings to run things, but once you’ve kind of gotten your “recipe” down for the settings, things become easy and your level of skilled production just goes up and up.

When the PRO table was announced I was all over it, I wanted a little bigger of a workspace and the THC is a big appeal as I keep making more complex things on the table.

LS has been amazing, responsive, informative and I’ll be honest, this forum is amazing for all the advice and help the community itself provides.

I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Ditto! :smiley:

No plasma CNC experience (but I do have extensive laser & CNC Router experience) and bought the Crossfire on a whim. Updated later to the XL and hit the buy button within minutes of them opening up Pro orders.

I recommend Langmuir a lot. That’s contrary to the laser I use - it’s got too many issues for newbies to jump in & use even though that’s who it’s marketed to.

The Crossfire is more about learning design & CAM setup than it is about managing the machine. The support is amongst the best I’ve ever seen and the product is more than competitively priced.

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I’m in batch one and a few months ago I thought about bailing out also because of some people’s complaints, horror stories and just personally being over whelmed with all I had to learn. I read one post that said 99% of problems are caused by cheap Chinese plasma cutters and fusion 360. I decide to try to cut down frustration and buy a Hypertherm and to stay away from fusion. I’m using Inkscape which there are thousands of YouTube videos explains how to use different features. Best thing you can do is follow along the video doing what they’re doing and taking notes. You have a few months to work on the software side before you even get the table. I also spent $150 on sheetcam, post processing is where people seem struggle in fusion the most. Sheetcam is where it’s at, definitely worth the money to not be pissed off.


Same. Happened a time or two for me as well… Luckily enough the clamp though not on the material itself happened to be in a position that allowed for a somewhat completed circuit… The part cut OK but couldn’t help wonder how much better the cut could have been… LOL… We all get it a hurry now and then don’t we??

I’m thinking of throwing a checklist on the wall… Something like… "Did you attach the ground clamp dummy? " :wink:

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I have absolutely no regrets. My table has run without a hitch from the beginning. My only issue was with my plasma cutter (harbor freight), I purchased hypertherm 45xp and have had no issues since.
I think most of the problems on the forum derive from the cutter and not the table.

Sheet Cam is something I have been considering, what do you feel are its biggest Pro’s. I am in Batch 2 of the pro so i have been tinkering with software

You can download sheetcam for free to try it out but you will need to buy a license to do the post processing. It’s really simple to use and the program is smart enough to help you out when you mess something up

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here is an address sign made with inkscape. Loaded to sheet cam as dxf file and post processed in less than 5 minutes. Fusion 360 is designed for 3d processing and is overkill for plasma. The $150.00 spent for sheet cam has paid for itself 10x over.



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Im sure you have heard the saying dumber than a box of rocks? Thats how I was concerning CNC anything, CAM/CAD. I had never heard of a DXF or a TAP file in my life. Never touched a CNC anything. Took some work, alot of reading , practice , Fourm help, After the initial calling myself all kinds of names for buying it I caught on and its a blast making things. So much fun I started with the basic crossfire then added the XL kit later ,then ordered the PRO. I have zero regrets on any of it now. LS has great sapport. I have had a few issues, Mostly Operator Error. One thing I would recomend is get the best plasma cutter you can thats compatable with this table. And make sure you have an aircompressor and dryer system of some kind that will run the plasma cutter . And welcome to the gang!


You’re not going to get a ‘trouble free table’ for $1000-$2000 more. you could spend $10,000 more, and you’re still not going to get a 100% trouble-free table. That’s like saying you had problems with your $20,000 Honda, so you bought a $100,000 Porshe.