Possible Batch 2 delivery delay?

Is the corona virus issue in China likely to cause Batch 2 delays in the near future? I’m order 11856 and was told late April delivery date or are all the parts at Langmuir and we are just awaiting our turn in the queue?

We already possess all of the parts for batch 2 in our shop so manpower is really the only limit to the speed we can fulfill and ship.

A select few parts are made in China, primarily the PCB’s, motors, and cables, and the VIM case. And we already have all of that for batch 2.


Question ,
My order number is # 9021 , are you in possession of all the parts to complete my order including the THC ? Hopefully receive all items in the month of March. ( no shipping , will be picking up in person )

Since they have all the parts for batch 2, if you’re in batch 1, then yes, they have all of your parts. If you’re in batch 2, then yes, they have all of your parts. :slight_smile:

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Do you also have with the machines a stock of spare parts as well?

Yes there is margin to cover spares and replacements.


After reading the batch one shipping thread…just getting ready…I’m in batch 2.