Pompadour Drag Chain

Trying out an idea. Bosozoku hairstyle inspired MR-1 cable management.


I like how you did the mount off the back panel of the enclosure! Did you use the same bearing I did or did you up size them?

I ended up using some cheap-o 3.75" lazy susan bearings, and the cable contents go through the center of the bearing. The drag chain is kind of huge.

I’d like to get or make some higher quality bearings for this purpose eventually. I had to manually crimp these tighter to get rid of some slop. But, the rapid speeds of this machine are slow enough that it probably doesn’t matter short term.

@AE95 My machine is lifted quite a lot from stock, so the spindle enclosure (even without the drag chain) is slightly taller than the enclosure roofline at max Z. A crossbar like your machine would have been nice since it makes the drag chain length shorter… in this case the drag chain needs to be able to tilt up to accommodate the max Z position.