Please help x axis motor

ok guys I’m in a bad jam…some how I wasn’t paying attention to my wires and I let this happen. My wires were pulled from my x axis motor. I just started a business and have orders to fill…

Since its not a warranty issue, I would email ls for part number and price, and while waiting I would try to take it apart and cut wire 6 inches shorter and try to fix if nothing broke or shorted out.

Good luck


I had the same thing happen. I was able to scavenge a motor from my original crossfire to keep production up. They did get one mailed out to me quickly, I think it was $50 or so. I’m still hoping to open mine up, reconnect the wires to have a spare. Not sure of the wiring however and didn’t get a response when I asked for it.
They told me the connection should’ve gone over the lead-screw yet I unfortunately don’t remember seeing that anywhere when I did the assembly.
I hope you get up and running soon.

Langmuir emailed last night and said they were going to send one out but I haven’t got a confirmation.

I also had my connection under the lead screw when it happened. It actually got caught on one of the hex bolts when it was traveling back towards me. I also do not recall seeing that in the instructions.

I definitely have a difficult time with wire management. If I get some more time I’m going to work on that…

Cable chains might have saved you there.

Something to think about adding.

@RockMountainLLC Sweet setup! Where did you get the chains from?

I would have been willing to pay the extra $ for Langmuir to offer this.

Ebay or Amazon. 15x20mm, open inside, solid outside, need 3 meters. $12 each (1 meter). Just make sure they open! Made that mistake. Now have 4 meters of none opening chain to use somewhere else I guess. :joy: Trays are Z trim (lower drip edge) for siding doubled up.

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Details here…

Well I have thought about it, and I think I will straight up copy this!! Fabulous idea.

It will take into october, ETA of my machine… ugh…

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