Please help I will pay!

Langmuir has cad/cam you tube videos to go through the process.

CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems

Okay thanks for all of your help with out you I would have just given up! Is their a way I can buy you a beer or a cup of coffee!

No problem
Good luck

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Just to be clear, you’re running an old Gen1 Crossfire? (That’s the one that uses Mach3 to control it.)

A recent Crossfire purchase should have come with an updated control box and will not need Mach3 - it uses Firecontrol to drive the machine. That’s a “Gen2” Crossfire. Mach3 won’t work on the Gen2 machines.

When did you buy it?


I’m confused we’ve had the machine for about a year now and we had given up a while back but we are trying to learn it again so it’s not a recent purchase…

The newer crossfires use fire control to run the table instead of mach3.

So I should be using fire control?

I hope I don’t need to use Firecontrol because I just purchased Mach 3 yesterday! How do i check what control box I have

If its over a year old since you purchased its probably a first gen.

Have you not been able to cut anything yet?

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Nope haven’t been able to cut anything at all yet

But when you have mach3 open and connected to the controller you can toggle the torch around?

Correct, and I could load in a preset TAP file with the Mach 3 G Code folder and it would move around

Ok so your good.
Do you have your plasma cutter wired in to the controller?

No, like I haven’t had the Plasma Cutter connected at all yet. All I can do is jog the machine around and load those specific G Code files and the machine will move around but I just can’t make proper G Codes using F360

Alright so once your plasma cutter is wired into the controller it will work.
With the mach3 purchase you’ll be able to have as many lines of code that you need.

You just have to go through the cam(fusion calls it manufacture now) process to turn your design into gcode to load into mach3

Okay gotcha, Yesterday I hadn’t had time to finish my project but I was watching all of the guides for F360 and I don’t know how to save it as a TAP file… maybe I didn’t watch all of the tutorials correctly? but I only see to save it as a DXF file is their an option im missing to save it as a TAP ?

In the manufacture workspace after you go through the 2d profile setup and it generates a cut path you click on the g1/g2 icon and post the gcode and it will save as a .tap file.

Looks like @Fortifyfabworks has got you covered and you’re getting closer. While you work on the Fusion side of things, you can verify that the torch is setup correctly by using Mach to manually fire the torch (F5) and run a line using the jog buttons. That will confirm that the torch is wired correctly.