Please help: disconnecting issue

The machine will turn on and home properly, however about 5 minutes later it will disconnect from cut control. the spindle will remain on, but cut control will not recognize the machine until I power off and power on the machine.

what have you tried.

Are you using langmuir computer or your own.

Check your USB cable

checked and replaced the sub cable, let the system stay off, Turned out to be the tool setter, unplugged it and the problem vanished, noticed the tool setter was blinking on an off randomly

Very good to hear. Sometimes unplugging and plugging things back in solves many problems.

My tool setter has been blinking randomly as well. I haven’t had any disconnect issues yet. Did you plug the tool setter back in? If so, is it working properly?

The Tool setter will blink when attached to the table looks like its shorting through the table, no idea why or how this started to happen, checked wiring in the box, nothing out of the ordinary upon inspection. guess that mean no tool setter for me from now on, very disapointing.

Somehow you’ve grounded your electronics cabinet to the machine. They need to be isolated. This is why the tool cabinet mounts to the legs with those 3 rubber feet.

It’s a very surprising thing, but the tool setter and probe are +5V on the outside. I don’t know who designed them that way. So there is a 5V difference between the machine and the electronics enclosure.

The electronics cabinet is tied to DC ground. The spindle (and thus the machine) are at AC ground. Those need to float relative to each other so that AC ground can be held at +5V DC when the tool setter is used.

The probe is also at +5V and so if DC ground and AC ground are tied together you will short the machine through the spindle when the probe is installed.

Mechanically the MR-1 is a great design. Electronically there are some weird design choices liked this.

I was having some weird issues with my pendant, turned off the settings to put USB to sleep when idle fixed it. Doubt thats your issue though.