Plasma not cutting right

Oxymoron - a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. ie - Jumbo Shrimp. Miliary Intelligence.

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I have a filter installed and i empty the compressor everytime @DonP

@nicaDd this was 16 gauge sorry about that

Ive been cutting 16 guage at those settings

@OldNBroken lol yes its in there

Where do you guys get your consumables for the langmuir cross fire pro?

For our RW45, I currently buy from George (@mechanic416 ). He has a few posts on here which direct to his website / ebay sales.

Very good quality. Good life expectancy.


Hey now… My dad was MI. Retired COL. Worked into his 70s consulting with the state department overseas. I never knew what my dad did till I was in college and he didnt tell me. I met a guy at a lunch who saw my name on the table and asked If I knew 72PonySR I told him that was my dad… He said your dad was my commanding officer and went on to tell me about my dad… his wife looks at me and said…"so what was it like having a dad always gone on all those scary missions. My dad just always said he was going to drill.


He he. No worries, just poking out there. Personally, I used to be an 11C for a number of years. I’ve seen good MI and bad MI. I’m always rectified to hear that there were more good ones that never had to see the light of day. :slight_smile:


I was teasing back… I have heard that allot… probably not as much as my dad. :wink: I guess my dad probably had more invested in his intelligence as he had to travel with the SF team, he provided intelligence for.


That’s not even even close to the word you used🤣


@Simsworx just bought some from his page lets see how they do!

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I would bet that “72Pony” would really stick out!!! :rofl:

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