Plasma cutting aluminum

Here is a can of Loctite welding spray that a forum writer suggested using. You spray it on your torch nozzle before cutting aluminum and keep the aluminum buggers from sticking to the tip and screwing up your smart control reading during cutting. Five stars. It does leave a white ceramic film on the tip. I even tried spraying the aluminum sheet to keep the slag off the top.

It’s not cheap, $30 per can, but it will last a long time.


I use this for my MIG torch. Works great and definitely cheaper.

I assume it would work just as well for plasma cutting. Never thought to try it but I am going to later today as a result of reading here and I have occasionally had a piece of slag partially block the opening in the tip.

I usually dip it right after I make a weld so its hot and melts and coats real well.

Hobart 770074 Welding Mig Accessory Nozzle Gel - Arc Welding Nozzles -

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I have used it for years on my nozzles.
The spray is something brand new I tried.
They both work.
One thing I do before I try cutting a 300-dollar sheet of aluminum is change the consumables. That tip in that picture was not in good shape before that cut.
Let’s see ten 10-dollar tips vs a sheet of diamond plate.


Got a good buddy of mine who is a welding engineer at miller. Boy he chewed me out once for using the anti spatter stuff on my mig gun and ever since I’ve stayed away. Only time I’ll use that stuff anymore is if I need to weld something really dirty on a repair that can’t get cleaned.

Did he give a reason?

I am a friend of the owner of Miller Industries. Cutting aluminum on a plasma table differs from fabricating a 40-ton rotator for a Peterbilt wrecker.
Plus, I will tell you that having worked with Welding Engineers before ( Inspectors ). They are not sure of why themselves. But the school book ( code book said so).

This is because they have actually never welded or ruined a $300 sheet of aluminum diamond plate. Again, just my two cents…