Plasma cutter not cutting pattern

We are having issues running a fire share “sample cut test coupon” by Aaron Johnson. It looks like it works when we do a dry run but when we try to make the cuts with the plasma cutter it doesn’t start the plasma cutter and the air stops. See attached videos for issue. We are using a thermo dynamics cutmaster 82 plasma cutter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I didn’t watch the videos, because it takes forever for the video to play through google drive, but it looks like you are using a machine with no Z-axis. If that is the case, did you select the proper option for a machine with no Z axis when you dowloaded the file? That “cut ready” file is for a machine with a Z axis and will not run on an original Crossfire, if you downloaded it as is.

It will run the file in “dry run” mode, because it ignores the IHS loops in that mode. When you try to run the file to cut, it doesn’t know what to do with the Z axis commands in the IHS loop, so it just won’t run past that line.

EDIT: I downloaded and watched your videos and I can see that you have the Z-axis, but no THC and your torch is not firing. What is your air pressure when the air is flowing? If the air pressure is too low, it will not blow back the electrode and fire the pilot arc. It could also be that your torch cap is screwed on too tight and making the electrode stick, so that it can’t blow back.

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ok…you need to provide some more information to help out here…but I can see some problems righ off the bat…

what plasma cutter are you using
what are your air pressure and amps set at
what software are you using for post processing…even though it is from fireshare it does not mean it always works…


can you control the whole table with the arrow keys?..left right…back and forward…then up and down…?
I doubt you have up and down control because your THC is not connecting…
…without a green box in the “height Control”…you will not get very far…have you downloaded and installed the THV driver from Langmuir?

you need to download that in order for the torch to respond to the proper commands in the program.

also with the torch sitting up have you tried “manual torch fir” to see if your torch does respond to Firecontrol?

The plasma cutter is Thermodynamics cutmaster 82. The torch is SL100 machine torch with remote start and stop.

The air pressure is 85lbs and 50amps.
The firecontrol software version is 2.6
can’t seem to find the THV driver from Langmuir
We have made manual cuts in the past.

go through this carefully to make sure your torch it wired properly

and THC USB driver…