Plasma cutter debate

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie to all this stuff but looking forward to getting a lot of input from everyone about this debate I have going on with my future purchase of a crossfire/crossfire pro!

I am looking into 2 cutters for the table. A razorweld vipercut30 or Longevity Forcecut40D. Due to the price points on both of them! Any pros and cons to any of these cutters? Duty cycle? Compressor usage? Etc!!

Thanks a lot for the help!

The first question you need to ask yourself is how thick of metals will I (you) be cutting? I have a vipercut 30i. I have made hundreds of cuts with it and zero issues. ( a few self induced ones maybe. Forgot to connnect clamp, worn tips.) Some here has had issues with theres. I have a 60 gallon compressor. Duty cycle hasnt been an issue with me so far. So please tell us all what you plan to be cutting. Yard art? heavier fabrication parts?

Just basic art work/design, bracket, Name plates etc… No heavy industrial use. This will be for my side business!

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My personal experience with the vipercut 30i is great. I mainly cut 14 and 16 guage metal. Have cut 1/8 great also. As for the Forcecut someone else will have to give there opinion on it. Im sure there are bad experiences with both. I would suggest buy the best you can afford. Some things I done this morning This link is what I mainly make with my 30i. Just an example and if you remove my errors its a nice budget machaine to me.

Wow very impressed!! And as fast as compressor you have been using? 60gallon? Any issues with that?

No the 60 gallon has no issues keeping up at all. Air dryer and filters are a must, Water eats up tips about like sand would. Not as dramatic but you get the idea. To small of a compressor you will run out of air and ruin alot of metal. The plasma will stop cutting if airpressure gets to low. So If you can… buy once . Dont buy to small of anything and have to turn around and spend more later on what you could have got to begin with. Its a money pit till you get set up then its fun fun fun! another thing. make sure you have access to 220-240 volt power for plasma cutter and aircompressor.

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Yeah I’ll be working out of my garage and no 220 there but going to be getting a quote on it very very soon! Plus my breaker box is in the garage so hopefully it’s an easy job!

I appreciate the time and input you have proved about the vipercut30!

Your welcome. I wsh I knew the minimun Aircompressor size . I bought my 60 gallon before i even new what a crossfire cnc table was. I have a 25 gallon and a 30 gallon also but never tried them. Maybe create a topic on aircompressor size or search the forum. I know there are some topics on them. I bought my 60 gallon on sale for $350 I think it was.

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I don’t mean to be snobbish, but step up a few hundred, and just get a Hypertherm.
They are simply put, better, less. Trouble, cut better.
Learning all you will be learning, will be easier if you have reliable equipment, and don’t have learn how to work on you plasma.
I use a 30xp, and do just fine with 1/8”/11 ga and thinner.
I have cut 1/4” just fine on occasion, but rarely need 1/4” for what I do.
Buying name brands opens up a lot of Local options if you ever need service

I totally agree if he has the available funds. I think he is going by the price range keeping it on the cheaper side. Someday I will have a Hypertherm . Was wanting one before now for the Pro when it arrives, But life got in the way now saving up for it. Someday…Someday…

Yeah budget is a factor! It’s a starter for now and hopefully once business is going better then I will definitely upgrade!

If you can make the stretch, it is worth it.
I just have the Hypertherm 30xp, I would use the Hypertherm 30, instead of a 45 of a budget brand.
But, I am not criticizing you if you go less expensive. I have a building full of harbor freight tools, so I get it.

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It’s really something to think about now because I have seen a lot of people use the hypertherm and no bad reviews!

Man I also have tons of harbor freight stuff lol

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I have the Vipercut 30.It is a great plasma cutter. I bought it knowing I was buying a table. I purchased the Pro and now the lead on the Vipercut is to short. (so they (langmuir) say) Plasmadyn on ebay sells leads that will work on the Vipercut 30 and I believe they can even configure a straight torch head specific for table use.


I appreciate that feedback! Solid info!

Just a word to the wise, Plasmadyn only sells Chinese knock off stuff if that’s what you want.

Hypertherm is the last word Plasma cutting. They have been around a long time.
Consistently build high quality, reliable cutters.
They are what every other cutter on the market wants to be.
The off brands do ok and budget considerations are a part of the decision

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Good to know. My plasma cutter is from china though so…

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Do you have a 16’+ set up for a vipercut 30

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i have yet to order a plasma cutter. I do have the vipercut30 in my cart lol… if you’re talking about the torch? It would come with 12’ torch.