Some things I done this morning


That was just this morning!?

8 to noon. They cut out pretty fast. 16g 100 in/min 30 amps. And there is just 26 things I beleive.


They look nice BUT… if you’re referring to the Chevrolet car it’s spelled CAMARO :wink:


Haha well I’m a ford guy sooo oops


Thanks for pointing that out. Probably 6-8 people has seen them and only you noticed. Finished some, on the wall at work.


I have a small vested interest so I notice these kinds of things :slight_smile:


Sweet ride man , really i could care less what brand as long as they get me there n back.

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The “build the wall”. Is my personal favorite :wink:

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Todays projects

Yea the Bear got in a fight but i can fix it with my other plasma cutter. The woes of having a warped peice of metal.

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Yesterdays projects. Thank you for those who shared and also Plasmaspider shares.


Also: KC Chiefs

Apparently I need 25 characters to post.

Seeing your Chiefs I drew this up yesterday for a friends wife


Very nice. they will love it i bet

Somewhat hard to tell But I sandwiched a thin peice of brushed Aluminum in there.

Nice job. The aluminum backer helps define the cutouts.

Thank you kind sir. Still needing to check on the patinas you use. shoot me a Pm telling me what you use and from where you get them sometime, no rush on it. waiting out the blizzard now.

Here’s the site:

He also has dyes and clear coat, etc. Tons of videos. He was a big contributor to plasmaspider a few years ago but I think he’s gotten busy running the business so he’s not on a lot now.

He has a good guide in PDF form too. You can watch his videos on his site or up on YouTube.

Not too expensive and he’s a quick shipper. You can also get patinas from here

I haven’t used them but have seen good reports. You could also make your own but then you’re buying chemicals and mixing yourself and I find it easier to get them properly mixed than try to figure out the formularies.

(I know you said PM but I figured others might be interested.)

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Thank you much. I will look into it.

Sculpt has some distributors around the country you might find one locally (they’re listed in their website) to save on shipping. Or you might end up paying more because they have a markup too & Steelfx is a one-ish man show so only his profit margin & shipping.