Piercing issue please help!

When cutting any thickness plate the plasma doesn’t begin cutting until after movement starts. What im saying its hard to explain with typing. But when the plasma is attempting to pierce before movement starts it looks like you are trying to cut without a ground clamp on, there is no arc. When moment starts it begins to cut. Iv tried all different amperage’s and changed the pierce delay all the way up to 2 seconds and it still will not penetrate untill movement starts. Using a miller 2050 plasma. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome…we would be glad to help…

do you have Torch Height Control on your Pro machine?
what post processor are you using?

what type of plasma torch are you using?

I do in fact have the THC
Miller Spectrum 2050
i am post processing within fusion 360.

Side note. I just reached over and fired the torch by had and it pierces instantly.

I do not know anything about conFusion360…so one of the guys will be around to look into that.

have you updates to the new 20.6.2 Fire control…keep in mind it will not show as 20.6.2…but as 20.6

also I think you do not have THC even on at this point…because if you did have THC on you would error our before you moved 2 inches.

there is a test feature on the fire control software to test your torch…run it…see what happens.

I ran the test and and said it was successful. Updated and now showing 20.6. Still having same issue.

Will it do that if you use Firecontrol’s manual torch firing too? Is it just when you’re running a file post-processed by Fusion?

I just started experiencing the same issue, I only have about 50’ worth of cut on a brand new system. Thought it might have been consumables but while waiting USPS figured I’d look on here… any resolution to the issue @aubry588?