Pierce Delay Error on every new Pierce

Hello Everyone,

Every time I tell my machine to make a cut I get this error:

A plasma cutter misfire was detected by the LS-THC system. Your program has been paused and the machine location has been saved. We recommend clicking ‘RETRY CUT’ below to try this cut again. If your plasma cutter is misfiring frequently, we suggest replacing the consumables. If your plasma cutter did fire before the cut was stopped, the cause for this issue is that the pierce delay in your program is too long. As a result, the torch burned out the pierce hole and extinguished before it had a chance to move. We recommend selecting ‘RETRY CUT’ and using the Pierce Delay Override to decrease your pierce delay.

The cutter does fire before the cut was stopped.

Now if I hit ‘Retry Cut’ it cuts no problem.

Plasma Cutter: RazorWeld RazorCut 45

What I am cutting:

  • .25 mild steel


  • 1s delay all the way down to .05 delay. Nothing changes
  • Amps: 45
  • IPM: 50
  • Cut Height: .06
  • Pierce Height .15
  • Kerf: .045
  • Plunge 6 IPM

What I have tried:

  • Tested my THC control and it appears to be working fine.
  • Reduced delay down to .05
  • cleaned ground
  • new consumables

No dice with any of these fixes.

Can anyone help with this?


try increasing you plunge rate to around 50-60. 6 seems pretty slow.

been a long time Brian…good to see you…
I know you know your stuff so this is starnge…

@nicaDd is right to start…

are you running the latest FireControl?

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Only 44ipm less than the minimum (50ipm). Most of us are using 60ipm.


yup 60 is my default.

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Well dang! Not sure how I got 6IPM on the plunge. I’ll give this a shot tomorrow and report back.

Yes latest fire control. Thanks Toolboy. Good to be back! :grin:

For any new people here…check out Housework’s website…this man has one of the best plans for a belt grinder…still have not built mine…but this winter I will…

yes i have bought his plans and hardware kit. But the damn metal is too damn expensive to buy and cut out the rest. :sob:

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Set the plunge speed to 60 and BAMO WHAMMOOOO it works great. MUCHAS GRASSY-ARSE!

Brian House


where is the plunge speed located?

depends on what software you are using…

I’m having the same issue for one of my cuts… I can’t find where to change the plunge rate in fusion 360. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere!