Pictures to dxf?

hello all! as the title states, i am looking for a way to take a picture of something and upload it and then get a outline with maybe a few details. then convert to dxf and upload to fusion 360 , post process and cut. Is there any program like that out there? or how would i go about doing that? I have a buddy that runs a old terex ts14 scraper and i would like to cut that out and add his name to it just cuz i can, if i can figure out how to do so. any suggestions?

Search the forum for Trace Image. You’ll finds LOTS of hits…

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Thank you I will look into it

inkscape is free…it does trace to bitmap…then you adjust it…then you post process it…then you cut it

and inkscape is free

Inkscape will do it but remember that it will only do it with a bitmap image, so convert it before trying.

I recently did this with Fusion for some salmon I wanted to cut out and it worked great. Inserted a JPG as a canvas and sketched over top of it. Then exported the sketch as a DXF.


Yes to @bobdobqb This is definitely my preferred way of going about this.

It will give you the cleanest results.

Vectorization which is what Inkscape uses in its different forms of “bitmap to trace” and it’s also what some browser base converters use ( example ) but these will never be 100% accurate it will only be a representation of the original image and any missing or pixelated data will be interpolated or extrapolated from the existing data.

I posted a topic last year discussing the deformation of vectorization, I’ll see if I can find it.

Thanks everyone. You have all been very helpful

I made a tutorial video about the most basic version of this process here.

Ill likely do another video in the future using the canvas in fusion 360 but I need to come up with a different platform for doing videos on that’s longer than 5 minutes.

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Maybe this is a dumb question. What is a bitmap

The only dumb question is one that isn’t asked.
A bit map is a primitive type of image file where all the parts of the image are contained in a rectangular array of ‘pixel’ (image bits).

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I might be getting this wrong but supposeably jpeg is a type of bitmap image but what I was referring to is that I had to convert the jpeg image I was trying to trace to BMP format.
So when I researched a proper answer for you, I may be revealing more of what I don’t know.

Copied from: What is a Bitmap? | Webopedia
A bitmap is a file format or memory organization of rows and columns of bits (or pixels) that collectively display a graphical representation. Most graphic images contain thousands of bits.


  • BMP: Bitmap
  • GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
  • JPEG: Joint Photographic Expert Group
  • EXIF: Exchangeable Image File
  • PNG: Portable Network Graphics
  • TIFF: Tagged Image File Format