/PICS/ Strange Angled cutting on part

Hello guys. Having the crossfire since a couple of weeks and i’m still runnig some tests.
I’m having this issue here. On picture two there is very strange angle of the part (only on the left and the right side - y-axis. on the top and the bottom is ok) the same and inside the circle, as you can see the bottom side of the circle is angled.
Some additional info:
Razorcut 45
3mm thickness of the steel (1/8" inches i think)
i tried with 30Amps
1sec pierce delay
1800mm feed rate (~70 inches)
1.25mm cut height (0.05")

Do you have any recommendations how to fix this?

Did you check to make sure your torch is perpendicular to your table?

yes, a couple of times. It seems to be ok

We also run a RazorCut 45. However, I seem to recall that only the 45A nozzle is available. As such, I would turn your amperage up to 45 and use the following settings as a guide:

1.0 Pierce Delay
2500mm feed (~100 ipm)
1.52mm Cut Height (0.06")

Do you have IHS or THC?

Additionally, as a test, rotate your torch 90 degrees in the holder. Rerun your tests and see if the angles change from the Y axis to the X axis.

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Yes i have ihs and ths
The only thing that worries me and i don’ t understand is why only on one of the sides happens like this. Top and bottom side of the part looks ok.
I’m using machine torch, so turning it 90deg i think won’t have any effect, i guess.
For sure i’ll try with the settings you propose

Turning the Torch 90 degrees will tell you if the problem is with the consumables on your torch. If the bevel follows the Torch, the nozzle is probably damaged.


I made a couple of tests and at the end i can say it was damaged nozzle. Change it with new one and the problem was gone. :slight_smile: