Perimeter cut height

im having a issue where i can cut for 30+ min. on inside cuts and its fine but the perimeter cut will lift about 1/8- 3/16 and im thinking it has to be a seting in sheetcam can someone help pls

what plasma cutter are you using?
what is the duty cycle of your plasma cutter…you might be running to the end of the available duty cycle and it is loosing power…
try giving your plasma cutter a break during the cut


is your cable to the torch to tight and it is causing it to lift when it travels to the limits of the table?

its not the duty cycle , the machine is a everlast 102i and im running at 45 amps, should be continuous , and there is plenty of slack in the machine torch. it really seems like its in the g code but i do notice that when it starts the perimeter cut the voltage is low and then it lifts to accomidate

what are you clamped to…

I have the 62i and never have an issue like this…

I’m clamped directly to material. But I think I may have an understanding of what might be happening… I have noticed that the voltage spikes hard core on pierce’s. Well above 100v more like 120 and higher so I’m using the smart voltage for the thc. My understanding is that it reads voltage 50 times every 1/4 inch. well I’m thinking that for some reason the last cut starts on a corner well I’m assuming that it is automatically slowed a bit for corners well if my pierce delay is too short it will be reading some residual voltage from the pierce. thinking that it needs to lift to get to that initial voltage that it saw in the pierce because the pierce delay was too short for the pierce voltage from the machine didn’t have time to settle. I actually set the voltage to 74 nominal. and ran one and it didn’t do it.

The H1 command to turn on the THC doesn’t come until after the torch pierces and moves to cut height, so it is not using the voltage from the pierce to calculate the nominal voltage.