Peirce delay only working on first cut

Im having an issue where the peirce delay is only delayed on the first cut of a project. It will delay to whatever i set it at for the very first cut then after that it has zero delay. If use the pierce delay override on firecontrol it will then delay every cut to whatever i have it set to. Im using fusion and have not had this problem until now. Any help would be appreciated as i am out of ideas.

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Fire control makes the first pierce delay extra long.

How long are you setting your Pierce delay to? .4-.5 min on the PRO

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My delay in fusion in post process is set at .9 cutting 3/8.

Which error code is it throwing.

Can you post some of the code

Its not throwing any error code. It runs through the whole cut just fine other than lacking the delay. Ill post some of the code tomorrow, I’m not home right now.

All my G4 say P0.9 which should be correct. But its not actually doing thst.

What plasma cutter and hand or machine torch are you using?

Everlast 82i with machine torch. Which has only made about 50 cuts since new. And i haven’t had this problem.

Its like clockwork with every single program. First cut delays, all after that dont.

Are you certain of your decimal place with the pierce delay? 0.9 or 0.09?

If the gcode is defaulting to “0.0” pierce delay, then fire control will not be able to adjust the delay as it is multiplying a percentage onto the pierce delay +100% x 0.0 will still be 0.0.

Perhaps your file for the post processor for fireControl is corrupted. Try deleting and re-loading.

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can you send a photo of the front of your plasma when it is on for me…

I posted a picture of my G code above. Its showing 0.9 on every cut. Its just not performing that. Except on the first cut.

When the plasma is just on or when its cutting?

I am referencing your comment that ‘after that it has zero delay.’ How are you verifying that is has ‘zero delay?’ You have also mentioned that it is not giving an error code. And, “It runs through the whole cut just fine other than lacking the delay.”

I am just trying to understand what you are saying IS happening or IS NOT happening.

Set the plasma cutter to tip saver that should do it.

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When I start a program it will delay and peirce on the very first cut. From the 2nd cut on, the instant the torch fires it starts moving. There’s no delay. I have a video if you have Facebook. It won’t let me load one here.

Is your “lead-in” cutting appropriately? Or is it suffering due to the lack of the delay you are sensing?

Is your cut completing successfully?

Sorry…don’t have nor do I want Facebook. Others will post on Youtube and then supply the link here.


Really? What does that do?

Its following the lead in as it should but it only cuts partially through for the first bit until it can blow through. Once it blows through the rest of that cut goes perfectly. Then on the next cut it does the same thing. Ill have to set up a YouTube account.


You may be having consumable or moisture issues.

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