PC options for Cutcontrol

Looking for options (links ideally since I’m lazy) for a cheap laptop just to run cutcontrol and FireControl. Didn’t like the idea of a touchscreen in my shop environment or spending another $800. Just want to see what everyone else is using that is more budget friendly especially with black Friday deals coming up shortly. Thanks in advance.

Should also mention I did try helping myself and searching for one based off system requirements but I’m not the most tech savvy at times

I was totally against the touch screen from using FireControl and having Sterling Cool running down the screen all day.
With that said. Cut control has so many functions that need to be done, that the mouse thing is a pain in the butt. Luckily I have a touch screen and find myself using it for all inputs on CutControl.
Just my two cents


I bought this little guy for my current cnc and laser, and it works great with only the minimum required software. But the small screen doesn’t play well with light burn. Based on that, I bought a 21.5" touch screen and mini computer for less than $400 since cut control appears designed for larger touch screens. It looks very nice!


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I have an older PC (still meets the specs listed and then some), but runs on windows 7. Do we know if cut contol works with windows 7 or do i need 10/11?

Says windows 7 on the website so I’d assume so

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These are what i ordered to run my mill.The mini pc is on cyber Monday deal right now for 129.The monitor was 254.


Great choice. You will not be sorry.

I was gonna go that exact route but decided against it due to the fact I wanted something portable to run my plasma table that lives across my shop. So I just went with a 15" touchscreen laptop for now. Looked at a 17" but they were all refurb units in my price range.

I’m a sucker for punishment I guess

Hopefully Cutcontrol will become more flexible for different screen sizes/resolutions, I suspect the current layout it going to be pretty cramped for touchscreen use on a 15". Have you tried it yet?

No I just ordered the laptop and I won’t have my machine till tomorrow anyway so I have some time

This is on a 15.7" Screen. I think it looks fine. I’ve also installed it on my Surface Pro 2 with a 10.6" screen, it was a little cramped there, but not terrible. I have a 14" touch screen laptop on the way that I plan on dedicating to my MR-1.


I use a Lenovo Thinkpad ultrabook T460s running Win 10 for Firecontrol on my XF Pro. Ebay under $200. I have T480s I use in the house.

I have the same monitor for my plasma table and love it. I just received a duplicate for the MR one. And yes 254 is the correct price but a year and a half ago it was 190. Amazing how much things have increased. But hey it’s only transitory inflation. Lol. I bought the Beelink mini computers with 8 GB of memory and I5 processor‘s

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