Ordered my Hypertherm today, supplier beat any online price, and then some

So the title explains it all, everything out-the-door was UNDER $3000, (like enough under that I also bought an Evolution R255SMS+ just to round it out). I’ll have both torches and plenty of the “fancy cutting options” consumables to last for a while.

Here’s what I got:

Powermax 65 w/CPC and hand torch 083275
180 Mini Machine Torch (25’) 059482
Machine Torch Essentials Kit 851466
Nozzle (45A) 5-Pack 220941
Fine Cut Shield/Deflector (machine) 220955
Fine Cut Nozzle 5-Pack 220930
Fine Cut Swirl Ring 220947
Control Cable w/ voltage divider 25ft 228350

Here’s how I got it:

  1. Hypertherm has a trade in program, I’m trading in my old pawn shop plasma and torch. (They also have a better discount if you’re in welding school or a recent graduate.) The trade in program has been going for years, so save up if you can’t afford a Hypertherm right now.
  2. I walked in to my local welding supply. (Don’t call, go there in person.) Their prices are already 10-15% below the online retailers I looked at (e.g. IOC, Bakers). Look in the phone book, I mean Google for a local Airgas or Praxair and go say howdy.
  3. Discount for buying everything at once, plus they had some units still in stock that were an additional 10% off from a farm and ranch show back in November.

The price difference between the 65 and the 45XP with all the same accessories was $550; so I remembered an often learned lesson from previous equipment purchases and went one size higher than I probably need right now. (Also the difference in the 15’ vs. 25’ machine torch is $20, so I went with the 25’ for the increased resale value.)

There you have it. Go on your lunch break tomorrow and grab a free cup of coffee at your local welding supply. Local business, local equipment support, free coffee, showroom with shiny things to ogle, leads for clean scrap metal and machining work from their other customers, business leads for your new plasma table…and they were fascinated by the Crossfire Pro, so I think I’m going to invite them all out for a demo and barbeque this summer. I’ll bring the beer and meat, they bring the steel and consumables. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you don’t cut yer own bottle opener, you can’t have any beer! How can you have any beer if you don’t cut yer own bottle opener?


Just stumbled across this great post, thanks! I need to upgrade soon and I’m going to go beat up my local weld shop. Oh yeah, and Praxair is part of Linde, an Irish multinational conglomerate…and Airgas is part of Air Liquide, a French multinational conglomerate. So if you have options, buy not just local, but locally-owned small businesses too!