Order Timing For New Shipments

Anyone with recent deliveries who can post their original order date? I ordered on 8/15 and haven’t seen or heard anything regarding shipment yet. Just curious as to timing for those lucky enough to have one recently arrive.

Is there anywhere we can go to see the status of our order?

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Ordered May26th, last box came around August 20th. Order #154**

They promised sometime in August and I heard nothing until around the 15th but then after the first one the other boxes shipped very soon after.

Did it say when you ordered what the estimated shipping time would be? I would go by that.

ordered mine on 7/16/20. order #169xx.
it was supposed to be a sept delivery, but got an email in august saying that sept deliveries were delayed 4-6 weeks. I have not heard anything else but i am hopeful the big brown truck stops here in the next couple weeks.

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I have order #161xx and haven’t heard anything on a shipment yet.

Please please please post an update when you see the first box. (Did i say please?) Lol

Wouldn’t it be great if @langmuirsystems did either a daily or even weekly post with the last order number shipped that day. It would be much easier for us to gauge how much longer we would be waiting. And they wouldn’t have to spend so much time looking at all the “how much longer” emails. Lol


Yep, order 160xx on 6/18. 6 weeks from sept would be Mid-November. I’m getting alittle impatient, and I’m starting to look at other systems that you see ads for on the book of face, etc.

7/3 order date #162**

Have the plasma cutter, it came a few weeks ago. Langmuir via email told me now looking at late October. (Initially told Sept) for the rest of the Pro…

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Well that’s not very encouraging! Since mine was mid-August I guess I have some time to wait after yours is delivered. Dang it anyway.

Arg… I am 180## ordered mid Aug… for Nov delivery… Looks like it will be a while :frowning:

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Order # 163xx on July 7th. The last email said Oct. Tried calling just a few minutes ago and got an answering machine. I have currently been entertaining other systems as well but too close to the delayed shipping date at this point. If it gets postponed again then I’ll have no choice as I have some time-sensitive pre-orders to fulfill. Add in the time needed to “shake-down” the table and get everything properly tuned and I may already be behind on those orders myself. 2020 can’t be behind us quick enough.

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I’m 174, 160 hasn’t received theirs; 154 got theirs (looks like it took around 12 weeks), I guess I’m waiting about another month.

I just got a notification that order 161xx has shipped.


Well, since AwesomeAutos has shipped and was order 161xx, now we know a place to start. When my ships 163xx I’ll post so we’ll have those two shipments to reference and the approx. 200 units. We can see how long it takes to give everyone an approximation of theirs. Hope that makes sense.


Gee guys my order was july 17 and i’m 169xx so hopefully winter is coming up here in the north and it looks like i will have some practice time for using the machine and my patience lol

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Maybe that’s good news for #160 @greener121 :slight_smile:

Awesome auto, was it all boxes or ?

Great news for you!

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After reading the email again, it was box #1 of 3.

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Box 1 is better than box none!

Im envious. What day did you order?

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