Order #'s - Who's First

Lets see who was the lucky first…

order # 69443
All the options

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Order # 69266 - ordered as soon as the site refreshed. All options.

Order #69384

Wonder what number it started with.


Order # 69359

Order # 69282

Order #69346

69281 here. Looks like at least 15-20 of you got through a little faster than me based on @Unixadm being 69266.

69755 took a short nap and overslept. The option checkboxes were so small I didn’t realize they were selectable so I sent a follow up email telling them to add them on.

it looks like the order number so far from low to high are 489 orders - do you think them are all Titan order or ya think the order numbers are not consecutive - that’s a lot of machines in the past hour

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Probably covers all types of orders they have, but I bet a minimum of half are Titan 25T orders.

Order # 69266 - ordered as soon as the site refreshed. All options.

I ordered almost exactly an hour later and my number is #69799. Langmuir is having a good morning!

Excited … ours is order 67614 - although ours was a show special.

#69430 All options

67420 I ordered it during the tool show.


8:30ish pst. Order #69727

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I wonder how many guys ended up doing the same and ordering it at the show. I guess the good news is that we’ll just be getting ours when you’re already a couple days into helping them debug (if there’s any need for that). :joy:


I believe that the TinWhisper and Knick also got theirs at the show.

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I saw Knick comment along those lines as well, but sounds like he hadn’t gotten a confirmation by email yet.

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